Best Singaporean Herbal Scalp Treatments and Remedies

In the world today, beauty is seen with admiration and awe the world over. People stress on making themselves appear healthier and beautiful. The use of cosmetics has been around since a very long time and started as early as the ancient Egyptians who use to redden their cheeks with rouge and blacken their eye lids with soot. It’s not just appearing to be more attractive but also more confident as well. Science has proven that a simple make over boosts confidence ten folds in an average individual. One of the most attractive features of an individual is by far the hair and annually many cosmetic giants promise sleek, shiny and voluptuous locks to their customer and offer endless possibilities. Others go for Singapore scalp treatments at hair salons or specialist hair clinics to achieve their desired locks.

The fundamental part of having a healthy mane is to have a healthy scalp to support it. Unfortunately, nowadays due to several reasons, people are suffering from multiple scalp problems. The main reasons constituting to such a widespread condition are:

  • Stress
  • Pollution
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Diabetes
  • Fungal infections
  • Allergic side effects

The lifestyle of an average individual seems to support the problems and it is not easy to overcome them overnight. Many over the counter drugs and medications promise instant relief but then after a certain amount of use the problem seems to return. In such cases the use of natural home remedies seems to work wonders.

In Singapore, herbal treatments are view as more nourishing and therefore very popular. With technology and science on the rise people have lost touch with these ancient deeds of wisdom. But now it seems people, particularly Singaporeans, have started once again to test and try herbal treatments to cure multiple problems. Home remedies and herbal treatments are getting popular everyday just like in the past. Normally, people believe that drugs or other medications tend to have negative side effects almost 99% of the time. But since most home remedies are derived from botanical properties, the side effects are minimum. They are also easily affordable and boost the immunity of an individual. Over the years, herbal medicine has also proven to stabilize and balance the hormones of a person.

Hence, the use of herbal treatment is on the rise owing to its many advantages. Some of the most commonly used home remedies and herbal medicine to treat the scalp is mentioned below.

  • Coconut Oil: due to its natural antifungal and moisturizing ability, it soothes dry itchy scalp and boosts healthier hair growth.
  • Aloe Vera: conditions the hair and removes dead cells from the scalp. Also provides a lot of moisture to the scalp.
  • Ginseng: it is very good in boosting hair growth in those individuals who suffer from baldness or receding hairlines.
  • Green Tea: has catechins, which also help promote hair growth. Along with this it helps eliminate the dryness of the scalp too.
  • Some other famous herbs include, lavender, hibiscus, rosemary and rose petals.



Foods that can increase production of hyaluronic acid

No, no its not hydrochloric acid! It is Hyaluronic acid. Sounds very similar but are poles apart when it comes to human benefit. The former, as we all know is not at all human friendly whereas the latter is extremely beneficial to human body.

Hyaluronic acid or also known as hyaluronan, is a naturally occurring compound in human body. It is equally important as other nutrients like protein, healthy fats, and all the vitamins required for smooth functioning of the complex body system. This acid is vital especially to your skin, eyes and joint friction. It keeps your skin healthy, eyes well lubricated and helps to reduce joint friction so that they function smoothly.

While your body produces Hyaluronic acid naturally, it can be taken into the body from an external source too just like protein or vitamin capsules. One can opt for injecting the acid through hyaluronic acid filler, applying topically is other way too.

IYAC Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Centre provides such filler services. With a combination of both invasive and non-invasive procedures, they also approach your treatment with professionalism and tailored advice. With prominent doctor Dr. Isabelle Yeoh at the centre, you can be assured your procedure will be pain-tolerable and fuss-free. You can check out IYAC hyaluronic acid filler Singapore at their website here.

But, the best way to increase the production is turning to real foods. Yes, your fruits and vegetables are your best friends when it comes to hyaluronic acid content or help in production.

Here are some of the foods you can bite.

Bone broth
Perhaps the best route to take to increase production of this acid. Made from animal bones simmered in water for over 24 hours, the nutrients including hyaluronic acid gets soaked into the water from the bones making it a healthy and powerful source. It helps to increase collagen levels, reduce inflammation and reduce joint paints.

Soy foods
Some may stay away from this product because of its interference in hormonal levels in body. But, foods like edamame beans, tofu, and soy chunks are an excellent way to increase the production of this acid. The isoflavones in soy increase estrogen levels which in turn promote production of hyaluronic acid.

Starchy/root vegetables
Your potatoes and sweet potatoes fall under this category of vegetables that are a good way to increase hyaluronic acid production. Great news! These also have a great amount of potassium, fiber, and vitamins like B6, A and C that are of vital importance to the body.

Citrus fruits
Control your sweet tooth now as fruits like oranges, tomatoes (yes, tomato is not a vegetable but fruit), grapefruit that are high in vitamin C, contain naringenin that helps to breakdown this acid in the body. Fruits other than citrus like bananas, avocados, cherries and mangoes which are high in magnesium are also a good source of hyaluronic acid.

Leafy greens
Yes that’s right! Green leafy vegetables that you hated since childhood comes to your rescue here. Kale, spinach, and Swiss chard are great way to boost that acid production in body. Magnesium, a key component in leafy vegetables, is responsible for hyaluronic acid production in the body.

Dark chocolate
Yay! Finally a big smile on your face. Yes, you read that right. Dark chocolate is another good, if not great, source of producing hyaluronic acid in the body, thanks to its magnesium. So go on, munch!

Is HIFU treatment good for face lifting?

If you have skin that has started to sag and mask you look older and more tired, then you should opt for some skin treatments like High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to uplift your skin. HIFU uses ultrasound technology that is not harmful for the skin that penetrates deep into your skin and keeps it firm and tight. This treatment is FDA approved and is perfect for a good facelift. It is even considered more healthy and beneficial for the skin than Botox and surgical treatments as you can maintain your facial expressions with ease after HIFU. You can opt to try out some of these renowned treatments to give your skin the care that it deserves and make you look younger instantly.

One such clinic is IYAC Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Centre. They offer HIFU treatment, and their doctors will advise you on how to follow up after your treatment, be is avoiding exposure to the sun or avoiding skin products. At IYAC, they will also ensure your session is pain-tolerable. Hence, you should consider IYAC HIFU here:

Treatment areas

Some of the areas that HIFU can be used for are
Brows & forehead
Stretch marks

How the process works

HIFU uses ultrasound energy to penetrate the skin beyond the outer layers, where the damage has already begun. This is done in a safe manner that doesn’t harm the skin at all. The facial tissue is heated to 65 degrees Celsius and this creates cellular friction that contacts collagen and promotes healing of the skin. Over the remaining three month period, this wound healing continues to produce long-term tissue repair that reflects on the outer layers as well and significantly helps in face lifting and skin tightening.This helps improve your skin tone and several of your features like your neck, eyes, ears, lips and more.

Benefits of HIFU treatment

There are several benefits of HIFU treatment such as:

Look about 4 – 8 years younger
Produces Collagen and increases elasticity
Increases Circulation
Stimulates the Skin Cells
Rejuvenates the Skin
Eyelid Hood Reduction
Firms Muscles
Tightens Sagging Skin
Nasolabial Fold Reduction
Cheek & Neck Tightening
Eye Bag Reduction
Double Chin Reduction
Fat Deposit Reduction
Wrinkle Reduction
Scar reduction
Acne Reduction

Why is it more beneficial than other treatments

HIFU is more beneficial than other treatments due to the following reasons:

Clinically proven
A good cost-friendly alternative to a surgical lift
Safe and effective
No Downtime
No Sedation or Anaesthesia needed
Painless Treatments
No Risk of Infection or incisions
Results after the first treatment
Results may last up to 2 years plus

HIFU treatment is perfect for anyone who wants to look younger instantly and is an effective and safe option to lift your face without having to bear the pain of surgery.

New Year new you!

New Year comes with a lot of promise. It is a start to a whole New Year and this one holds many promises. The last day of the year, the New Year’s Eve is often the night that is most controversial. You plan a lot but it turns out to be less of a success. You are always caught between whether to go out or not to go out, whether to dress up or not to dress up, whether to party with your friends or to go for a date with your partner.

One quick solution to this is CoolSculpting from IYAC Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Centre. This fat-freezing treatment is non-invasive, and has no downtime, which means you can attend the treatment and be ready to go out and meet friends after that. If you want to see results fast, do consider IYAC fat freeze procedure. You can check out their website above.

These questions from relatives during Chinese New Year often turn out to be quite stressful. But often if we plan from before we can get a new look for the New Year. This new look will not only be like a mood lifter but will help to resolve to get a new look and body in the coming year. There are many things that we keep in mind while deciding on the New Year’s look. One of factor that determines your look is the location. In what kind of place you will stay the entire year will ensure the kind of clothes that will dominate your style throughout the year. The other thing that will dominate your look, is your propensity to try out new outfits—what kind of outfits you are comfortable in, what kind of outfit suits you and what kind of outfits are easily available and affordable for you.

Thin you in this New Year!

One major thing that dominates the New Year resolution is the resolve to get thinner. One of the most popular New Year resolution is the resolve to become thinner. Getting a new body is something that we all want. However, one major issue with this resolution is that we often lag behind and fail to maintain this resolution.

But this is the year for you to go for fat freezing in Singapore or in any part of the world. This can be achieved with some latest technological advancement like CoolSculpting. The stubborn fat that cannot be burnt through exercise or through diet is often burnt through this technique. This fat freezing in Singapore is one of the most popular technological intervention that people are using to get a new body. Using this technique will not make you frustrated with diet or tired with exercise and just after the session you can get back to normal life.

Hidden Tattoos And Tattoo Designs

There is something quite mesmerizing about flames dancing across the logs of your burning fire. This style is also known as Feng Shui, which is becoming very popular. In lieu of buying costly furniture or to add new scopes to your home, an even more affordable and simpler way can be done – purchase some well-rehearsed accessories that can enhance the best in your home.

Go using a theme by using interesting family area paint schemes. There ought to be contrast inside the colors, as with the cypresses and olives. For instance, you may hang an image depicting people eating or of food in the kitchen, or attach a label for the entry way reminding the patient to lock doors.

-Glossy – Glossy paints have a highly reflective quality, like enamel or plastic. This is very important for people who want to be naughty but discrete. Or materials used in log home interior design may be associated with all the region or state such as combining logs and stucco inside the southwest USA.

A classic family area will be in fashion for years to come. There are a variety of decorating ideas around the market today, nevertheless the best approach to complete your interior Christmas decorating is to make the things yourself or along with your family. One elderly client may be too frail to her bed and vacuum her floors. . articledashboard.

A Stylistic Collaboration between Homeowners and Designers&#13. A garden of cottage flowers, a herb garden, a tiny lawn of chamomile or thyme, an outdoor of attractive and ornamental vegetables EUR” these can all be planted as a quantity of different rooms divided by box or lavender hedges. As you can see, you will find numerous ways to discover free home design tips. If you’ve a small kitchen, you will find tricks in painting, lighting and general design to produce a small room look bigger.

Carpets are classed as soft flooring and also by their very nature produce a sense of warmth and comfort. They don’t even have to close. You can paint a poster bed for more of your modern look or add height to the lowest headboard with fabric, artwork or mirrors. The most common cause is always that your DNS settings are incorrect. Careers in Interior Planning directly affect the health, safety and overall wellbeing of the people that work and live within the spaces that Interior Designers design.

Read More. It is within the final 200 years that kids have had their particular distinct clothes. . interior decorating and design in Lake Tahoe.

Container Hotel rooms

Pop-up, recyclable and foldable hotel rooms are all familiar concepts to regular Springwise readers, so we couldn’t resist sharing yet another application we recently learned about, this time in Malaysia.

Located in Kuala Lumpur, 41 Berangan is an 11-room budget hotel that has made the most of its limited urban space. Nine of the hotel’s variously sized rooms are a traditional style situated within the hotel building itself, but two of the rooms—what the hotel calls its courtyard rooms—are constructed from empty, 20-foot shipping containers and form a small courtyard in the empty lot outside. Each features a garden view as a result, as well as an attached bathroom and all the other amenities enjoyed in the rest of the hotel, including air conditioning, internet access, continental breakfast and 24-hour reception. Also in use at the hotel, which just opened in February, are beds of its own design based on recyclable paper pallets.

Given the high cost and limited availability of space in most urban areas, using the flexibility of shipping containers to make the most of what’s there is a smart approach. Expect to see this strategy popping up in other parts of the land-crunched world!

100k House Gets All Sorts of Props

A long time ago, we mentioned the 100k House project developed by Post Green in Philadelphia. The project involves two attached homes designed by Interface Studio Architects, and one was a case study of sorts to try to build it for only $100,000. What I liked about the project was its attempt to marry three essential elements: style, sustainability, and affordability. All too often, these three are hard to put together in the same package. But the media wave followed, and Post Green seems to have delivered what it set out to do.

As it relates to media disclosures, I should note that when I was in Boston for Greenbuild last year, Post Green’s dynamic duo of Nic Darling and Chad Ludeman bought me a diet coke and German beer fries one evening. I tried to pay, but they wouldn’t let me. That’s the kind of group Post Green is.

These days, the 100k House and the adjacent 120k House is done, so let’s check out what the final project looks like. The cheaper home is 1,150 square feet, while the more expensive one is 1,270. Both are less than half the size of homes commonly being built these days. They’re LEED Platinum certified, an amazing accomplishment given they set out to get LEED Silver. And they have some of the following green aspects:

  • Solar thermal hot water;
  • Rainwater collection;
  • Low-flow fixtures and dual flush toilets;
  • Radiant in floor heating;
  • Efficient CFL lighting;
  • Efficient envelope made with SIPs;
  • Low- or no-VOC paints and finishes; and
  • Ivy green wall with drought-tolerant landscaping.

The 100k House project involved a lot of people, and the blog set out some interesting construction minutiae, which you’ve probably already read. Plus, Green Source just recognized the townhouse prototype as the Best Green House of August 2009. Post Green has something like 17 more projects in the works, including a Passive House and a Skinny House (built on a thin lot), so we’ll see more of this group over the years.