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What we should consider before choosing vinyl flooring tiles for our homes

What we should consider before choosing vinyl flooring tiles for our homes?

Comfortableness is the aspect to be sustained to make a house a home. This includes the choice of paint color, the interior wallpaper, and obviously the flooring. The floors of the house usually are the first surfaces that show the sign of weariness and scratches or tears. In this world we live in, where most things are easily found in store, the same is applied to the floors selection. There are a lot of choices that would be appealing to everyone’s eyes, not knowing which one to settle down with. For instance, vinyl flooring tiles have been the talk of people these days due to its many good features that the consumers can choose from. Vinyl flooring tiles’ super affordable price is one of the major rationale why consumers choose this material. But first, do not let ourselves be swayed by the price offered. There are a lot more aspect to know about vinyl flooring tiles. In this article onwards, you shall be informed of what to consider before purchasing vinyl flooring tiles.

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The tips shared by Alan Fennell on Milliken Flooring Blog can guide you in knowing more about it.

Thickness of wear layer is an important aspect to be looked upon

Different manufacturers have different standard thicknesses for the wear layers on their LVT products. Generally speaking, the thicker the wear layer, the longer it will last: a 20 mil wear layer can be expected to last about 5 years, compared with a 28 mil wear layer which can last for up to 10. Read more here!

This slip-resistant flooring that even provides good durability is determined by the thickness of its wear layer. Vinyl flooring tiles consist of six types of different layers, although it differs from each manufacturer. But, the thicker the wear layer is, the longer it will last decorated on your floor. As a wise consumer, you definitely want to grab both opportunities in getting reasonable pricing for flooring and also coziness effects to your house, right? The thickness influences durability as each layer contributes to its own function. The fourth layer is known as the cushion layer adds a bit of soft texture which tiles don’t provide. Therefore, vinyl flooring tiles are even better bought the thicker they are as it can hold onto at least a decade. Impressive, isn’t it? Well, there are more tips to be shared as to what shall be considered before choosing vinyl flooring tiles on the next article written by Thomas Baker for This Old House Magazine.

There are other types, sheet and composition tiles that require professional installation

These DIY-friendly products go through a manufacturing process similar to the one for vinyl sheets, but they come out harder and stiffer. Glue them down, or join them at the edges and let them “float” over the subfloor. Read more here!

Please do not think vinyl flooring tiles offer only one option for its’ wide range of customers. Vinyl tiles offer four different types, which are sheet, tiles and planks, composition tie (VCT) and woven vinyl. Understanding the various types of vinyl tiles can assist you on the journey of selecting what you really need. All these types of vinyl have their own specific traits. As for sheet, its’ composition consists of PBC, fiberglass, foam gel and urethane that contributes to overall good quality of the product. You are advised to have it professionally installed. Although, vinyl flooring type of tiles and planks is quite similar to sheet, but it’s produced to be sturdier. VCT type is totally different from tile and planks. Why? It has an even more complicated design (but, eccentric!) which installation by professionals is required where the other can just be DIY-ed. Well, VCT is used typically at schools. The last one is the woven type. If you’re going for minimalistic interior for your abode, this might be the best option for you. Another article available on SFGATE should help to express another point about vinyl flooring tiles.

Its finishes are different, which might differ in cost too

Vinyl tiles with an enhanced urethane finish offer the most protection against scratches, stains and heavy foot traffic. These tiles also keep their original shine longer than the other kinds of coatings. Enhanced urethane tiles typically cost the most, however. Read more here!

Vinyl tiles have a lot of details that you need to pay attention to in order to make the best of choice for your home. The finishes that you have options for are the vinyl tiles with no-wax, urethane and enhanced urethane surface. All three have their own traits and natures. Making good choice is very important to suit your lifestyle. For example, the no-wax tiles are stain-resistant and not to forget, the best option for going cheap. But it’s not as sturdy to be used for heavy traffic areas. It means no-wax tiles is less suitable on hallways and kitchen as those areas are the most frequented when there are large family gatherings. However, urethane tiles have all the better aspects rather than no-wax tiles and that include being dirt- and scratch-resistant, which makes it works well at high-traffic areas. But the best of option goes to enhanced urethane finishing vinyl tile as it has the most excellent resistant caused by any possible sources. Well, this can be expected, since enhanced urethane layer costs a lot more than the other two, so there’s no doubt that it will give the best result.

In conclusion, you, as a home owner, should always make a smart choice in finding the right flooring materials. Make a good research before buying and enjoy the happiness after the hassle has ended.