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Is HIFU treatment good for face lifting?

If you have skin that has started to sag and mask you look older and more tired, then you should opt for some skin treatments like High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to uplift your skin. HIFU uses ultrasound technology that is not harmful for the skin that penetrates deep into your skin and keeps it firm and tight. This treatment is FDA approved and is perfect for a good facelift. It is even considered more healthy and beneficial for the skin than Botox and surgical treatments as you can maintain your facial expressions with ease after HIFU. You can opt to try out some of these renowned treatments to give your skin the care that it deserves and make you look younger instantly.

One such clinic is IYAC Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Centre. They offer HIFU treatment, and their doctors will advise you on how to follow up after your treatment, be is avoiding exposure to the sun or avoiding skin products. At IYAC, they will also ensure your session is pain-tolerable. Hence, you should consider IYAC HIFU here: https://www.iyac.com.sg/en/aesthetic-services/viewbya-z/ultherapy.html

Treatment areas

Some of the areas that HIFU can be used for are
Brows & forehead
Stretch marks

How the process works

HIFU uses ultrasound energy to penetrate the skin beyond the outer layers, where the damage has already begun. This is done in a safe manner that doesn’t harm the skin at all. The facial tissue is heated to 65 degrees Celsius and this creates cellular friction that contacts collagen and promotes healing of the skin. Over the remaining three month period, this wound healing continues to produce long-term tissue repair that reflects on the outer layers as well and significantly helps in face lifting and skin tightening.This helps improve your skin tone and several of your features like your neck, eyes, ears, lips and more.

Benefits of HIFU treatment

There are several benefits of HIFU treatment such as:

Look about 4 – 8 years younger
Produces Collagen and increases elasticity
Increases Circulation
Stimulates the Skin Cells
Rejuvenates the Skin
Eyelid Hood Reduction
Firms Muscles
Tightens Sagging Skin
Nasolabial Fold Reduction
Cheek & Neck Tightening
Eye Bag Reduction
Double Chin Reduction
Fat Deposit Reduction
Wrinkle Reduction
Scar reduction
Acne Reduction

Why is it more beneficial than other treatments

HIFU is more beneficial than other treatments due to the following reasons:

Clinically proven
A good cost-friendly alternative to a surgical lift
Safe and effective
No Downtime
No Sedation or Anaesthesia needed
Painless Treatments
No Risk of Infection or incisions
Results after the first treatment
Results may last up to 2 years plus

HIFU treatment is perfect for anyone who wants to look younger instantly and is an effective and safe option to lift your face without having to bear the pain of surgery.